Disinfection of COVID – 19

COVID – 19

Pearl Pest Control works with high-end businesses to ensure the health of people, so that the companies can continue to function and play a vital role in the economy during these unpredictable times.

Disinfection Services

Disinfection of all living spaces (houses and office buildings) was a basic requirement in the aftermath of COVID-19. Both surfaces must be thoroughly disinfected from bacteria and Viruses in contact with the human body. Any exposure should be avoided in the confusion of a Corona Virus pandemic.

Disinfection Services

In most contacts, disinfection services need to be coupled with manual precautionary measures of hand Sensitization . surface cleaning. Public areas such as shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants must hold daily sprays of disinfection as part of their unique SOPs on the Corona virus. Same disinfection SOPs apply for the industrial and manufacturing Areas of special precautions in high risk areas.
In favor of the modern paradigm of ensuring hygiene, we collaborate with the companies without reducing the quality and competitiveness of the labor force.

Pearl Pest Control offers disinfection and Sanitizing Cleaning Services throughout Pakistan to facilitate best hygiene practices in (Manufacturing) factories, office buildings , public spaces (Banks, Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Hospitals and Clinics), and  also Residences for men.

Disinfection Services

The heavily frequented public spaces need daily Disinfection to provide people with a safe and healthy atmosphere. Strong grooming leads to improved workplace productivity, with less absenteeism and smooth operations.

Treatment with Disinfection eradicates the Bacteria Spray, viruses and allergens contamination. It lets the living space atmosphere become safe for breathing and surface touch. Disinfection provides peace of mind to individuals to use spaces without fear of transference of diseases.

Pearl Pest Control ensures secure contamination-free sites by fogging with disinfectants. As part of their internal hygiene management, Pearl Pest Control has expertly provided disinfection services to the healthcare industry and corporate offices. We have a satisfied clientele relying on our efficient support. Pearl Pest Control champions best practices in ‘Safe Fumigation‘ where certified Drugs with low toxicity and no harm to humans and the environment are used.

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