Rat Control

Pearl Pest Control Services is specialized in the implementation of the new Rat Control management technologies in most important areas, such as food processing plants, IT networking networks, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, industrial settings, and residential sectors.

Rat Control

Rodent’s management (Rat Exterminator) near you in Rat Control Service in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad is not an easy job because of the atmosphere and unregulated open building systems. Pearl Pest Control Services not only kills rodents randomly but also offers a complete rodent control program via

Rats and Mice

Are buildings that are extremely damaging and contaminate. Mice and Rat Control sometimes urinate, producing stains and unpleasant odors. One single rodent develops droppings of around 25,000 feces in a year. By chewing off the insulation, they also do damage to electrical wiring. It is believed that rats are responsible for 25 percent of fires, of an unknown origin.


Technology for Rat Control is Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent technology is unique. It generates sound at certain frequencies which affects the brain of rodents as they cannot tolerate the sound. This keeps pests away from neighborhood.
Ultrasonic devices are very effective for Data Centers, false ceiling, particularly where rat breeding is possible, we recommend effective ultrasonic repellent.

Rat Control


Baits are put at minimal human contact points with the best probability of rat eating and digesting the medication contributing to successful rat regulation. Rat control medication used is effective for effects of rats being killed outside the area by 90 percent because it does not lead to immediate death.

The mouse runs out into the open air after swallowing the medication as they cough and lose sight, resulting in their death outside the premises. By this way, the area remains safe from dead bodies rotting within them but they have still not succeeded.


Controlling rodents may become a problem especially at food processing sites or locations linked to any food spot. Pearl Pest Control is taking this challenge on board and has proven to be successful. To identify potential access points, food sources and residential areas, the entire area is evaluated and monitored. When checked of the field the technician then takes the necessary steps and creates a barrier with efficient and rapid equipment, poison and trap will then be positioned at a safe and requested point as needed.

To ensure the health of your facilities and goods, Pearl Pest Control suggests / place bait station and traps for continuous monitoring and tracking.

MONITORING of Rat Control

 Assessment of full rodent infestation, identification of external building conditions with regard to open rodent entry points recommendations for change, such as structural repairs or additional steps needed, etc.


Pearl Pest Control Services recommends complete sanitation of the Rodent manufacturing control area.

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